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20 countries applying; almost 100 projects submitted; more than 20 professionals involved; 2 conferences; an international art prize involving a diplomatic organization (the Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Crakow, Poland), and then a series of events a latere such as concerts, performances, workshops and much more: this is the IV edition of Apulia Land Art Festival. Born to celebrate the triangle man, nature and art, this yearly appointment has gradually become one of the most important art-residencies in Italy, involving several artists, international organizations and professionals coming from all over the world.

And applying from more than 20 countries, this year’s team is made up of very diverse curricula, backgrounds, and artistic spirits, a series of characters who will animate the chimeric woods in the South of Italy, the so-called “Bosco di Mesola” area, in the province of Bari (Cassano delle murge). Coming from some of the most prestigious universities worldwide (Harvard, UCL, Cambridge, ecc..), the artists of this edition are called to interpret a famous Latin motto “Gutta Cavat Lapidem” (a water drop hollows a stone) having the water and the stone as the two main protagonists. In fact, looking at the specificity of the area, these two elements recur as the main actors shaping the territory and its peculiarities.

In this picture, the 10 selected artists will be:

Dario Agrimi (Italy), Leonardo Cannistrà (Italy), Fabrizio Cicero (Italy), Eleanor Grierson (U.K.), Laura Malacart (U.K.), Nicolas Melliet (France), Hollie Miller (U.K.), Fawn Qiu (U.S.A.), Valentina Sciarra (Italy, Bulgaria), Grace Zanotto & Noel Gazzano (Italy.)

And it will be in the area of Mesola (one of the biggest and most protected in the country) that the team of artists will create the artworks for the residency curated by Massimo Nardi (Curator) and directed by Carlo Palmisano (Director) and Martina Glover (Vice Director).

Moreover, as a continuation of the past editions (I, II, III), Apulia Land Art Festival promotes two conferences: a scientific (on September 17th, 2016, coordinated by Maria Fortino), and an artistic one (on September 18th, 2016, coordinated by Giosuè Prezioso), 10:30- 12:00, as well as the announcement of the winner of the “Apulia Land Art Festival”, which will be nominated by a board of selected judges representing different art institutions from the whole country (“Università degli Studi di Bari, Aldo Moro”; “Roma Film Academy”; “Vivere Italiano”; “Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Cracovia”). The prize will consist of a full-funded residency at the “Istituto Italiano di Cultura” in Crakow (a diplomatic cultural project of the Italian embassy in Cracow, Poland), where the artist will be invited as “ambassador” of Apulia Land Art Festival, creating an artwork for the sponsoring company “Vivere Italiano” – an international project aimed at spreading the Italian culinary tradition worldwide -. Furthermore, the artist will be offered dedicated spaces for a solo show, which will be curated by Apulia Land Art Festival.

16-17-18 September at Cassano delle Murge, BA: three days for the urbi et orbi of Land Art in Italy.



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